At TOPCORE, we like to say that our delivery to the customer isn’t just the adhesive we manufacture, but rather a solution for their production. Marketing slogans and tired clichés? Not at all, it’s our standard way of operating. Our approach definitely doesn’t involve simply sending a catalog of adhesives to the customer, them picking adhesive X or Y, us sending it, them paying, and that’s the end of the transaction. We approach it differently. From the very first contact, we delve deeply into what exactly the customer is manufacturing, what machinery they’re using, what adhesive they’re using, and what problems they encounter. This results in us formulating an adhesive that can be entirely specific. But that could be the subject of another post in itself. What matters is what happens next.

Despite all efforts to provide exactly the adhesive with which the customer will be satisfied, problems may arise during its use in production. There are many factors that can cause these problems, and they can never be predicted or eliminated entirely in advance. For such cases, we’re prepared to send our expert team to the customer, who directly analyzes the situation, proposes solutions, and implements them. It may be time and financially costly, but it’s an integral part of our business approach.

In reality, without anyone planning or enforcing it, specialized teams composed of representatives of the customer and our specialists are formed in real life, which can fine-tune the compositions we supply to perfection. This not only quickly and effectively resolves the problem at hand for the customer but also creates a very important basis for future collaboration. Any reason for the customer to change adhesive suppliers is eliminated, and the supplier relationship is transformed into a partnership. And such relationships always pay off in the long run, even if they may be associated with some extra expenses.