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TOPCORE service s.r.o.

Ready liquid adhesive

Experience immediate, seamless production with our ready-to-use TOPCORE adhesive!


Don't want to mix the adhesive yourself? We'll do it for you. We create a unique mixture of dextrin, additives, fillers (CaCO3), and water tailored to your needs.


TOPCORE liquid adhesive is an excellent choice for enhancing the quality of your paper products. We deliver it in tanks or IBC containers, making it ideal for customers located within xx km of our production facility in Moravská Třebová. We've replaced part of the dextrin with our BLENDECO additives (clickable in a pop-up window), guaranteeing even better results.


  • Ready for immediate use
  • Quality guarantee for each batch delivered
  • Dust-free application
  • Enhanced adhesive performance due to additives
  • Significant dextrin savings
  • LOW BORAX and BORAX FREE options available
  • No need for a separate mixing station or laboratory on the customer’s part


Due to delivery in tanks, higher transportation costs are unavoidable.

TOPCORE is only responsible for the quality of the delivered adhesive if no further modifications are made to it.