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Liquid dextrin honey

A liquid mixture prepared to order for every customer who needs to avoid a dusty environment during the final preparation of the finished adhesive.

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Looking to elevate the quality of your paper products? Consider TOPCORE's specialized liquid dextrin mixture as your go-to solution! Ideal for clients within proximity to our production facility, we deliver this expertly crafted mixture in tanks or IBC containers. The formula integrates dextrin with CaCO3 filler and water, and should be carefully blended in the mixing section. Each batch undergoes viscometer testing to ensure optimal consistency and performance. And with a reduced dextrin content—enhanced by our proprietary BLENDECO additives—both your adhesive and final paper product benefit from superior characteristics.


The glue is suitable for all customers who want to mix the liquid semi-finished product themselves with local ingredients. They prepare the consistency of the finished glue exactly as they need for their production.


  • Helps to keep a dust-free environment
  • Higher adhesive performance thanks to our additives
  • Significant dextrin savings
  • Possibility of variants LOW BORAX and BORAX FREE
  • The customer just adds local water and filler
  • Tailor-made consistency of the glue thanks to the customer’s mixing station


  • It is a liquid semi-finished product, not a finished product
  • The customer needs their own mixing station
  • The customer needs their own laboratory for output control