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Loose additives

An enhanced and unique formula of additives for liquid dextrin glue offers you higher performance at a lower cost!

Pytle blendeco bílé

To produce liquid dextrin glue, you need granulated dextrin, CaCO3, and water. These ingredients are perfectly blended in a mixer, a device designed for the precise combination of all components, preparing the glue for application to paper. We offer a complete mixing station solution tailored to your needs (more details can be found in the “machines” section). Our main goal in developing additives is to reduce the amount of dextrin, which is the most expensive component of the glue. Thanks to our research, our additives can decrease 2-10% of the total dextrin amount, using minimal quantities. With BLENDECO additives, you get higher quality glue at a lower cost due to the exceptional properties of our additives!


How does this translate into practice? If our customers are currently preparing glue with a ratio of 40 % water, 35 % CaCO3, and 25 % dextrin, with our BLENDECO additives, they can optimize this blend to 40 % water, 40 % CaCO3, 18 % dextrin, and 2 % additives. Considering that dextrin is the most costly component, its percentage reduction leads to a decrease in the overall cost of the glue. Beyond financial savings, these additives improve the glue's characteristics, empowering our clients to produce superior products in the paper industry.


  • Higher adhesive performance due to added additives
  • Worldwide transport capability
  • Significant dextrin savings
  • Addition of local raw materials to the final adhesive
  • Speeding up the bonding process by up to 50%
  • Delivery of any quantity on request


  • The customer needs their own mixing station
  • The customer needs their own laboratory for output control
  • The additives can be supplied in any required amount