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Discover our distinctive blend: a custom-tailored mix of dextrin and additives, crafted uniquely for every client!

Tapioca in jumbo bags on pallet to prepare for stuffing in container.

To produce ready-to-use liquid adhesive from the powdered mix, you simply need to add powdered or liquid CaCO3 and local water. The mix constitutes around 20% of the final liquid adhesive, with the remainder being CaCO3 and water. These ingredients are combined in a mixer – a device designed to seamlessly blend all adhesive components, readying the final product for paper layer application. We can custom-build and deliver an entire mixing station according to customer needs (find more in the “Machines and Accessories” section). Before use, it’s crucial to test the finished adhesive’s properties and ensure its consistency meets optimal standards.


Our powdered dextrin blend is perfect for customers using local CaCO3 and equipped with their own mixing station. This allows them to create ready-to-use liquid adhesive on-site, reducing transportation costs associated with pre-mixed adhesive.


  • Higher adhesive performance thanks to added additives
  • Possibility of transport to greater distances
  • Cheaper variant compared to the finished glue
  • Significant dextrin savings
  • Possibility of variants LOW BORAX and BORAX FREE
  • Adding of local ingredients


  • The customer needs their own mixing station
  • The customer needs their own laboratory for output control
  • The mixture is delivered in a big bag package