Every responsible manufacturer aiming to succeed in the market must ask themselves: “Why should customers buy my product or service?” If they find several truthful and compelling answers, they have a good premise for expanding their market share.

At TOPCORE, we often ask ourselves such question, and it’s one of the mantras behind our successful sales expansion. We primarily manufacture dextrin adhesives for the paper industry, so one of the answers we carefully monitor for its truthfulness is the qualitative consistency of deliveries. In other words, the stability of the qualitative parameters of our adhesives in the delivery history of each customer. Why is this so important? Our main customers are manufacturers in the paper industry. They use machinery technologies that need to be adjusted to the characteristics of the adhesives they work with. Machines must be set according to the specification of the adhesive used. It’s clear from this why the stability of the qualitative characteristics of the adhesive is so crucial. It represents a saving of time and therefore costs in production preparation.

So our customers know very well in advance what they will get. Besides tailoring their adhesive to fit them “like a glove,” they get in each delivery exactly what they need without any unpleasant fluctuations. Surely, it’s an additional cost for us. We test every batch produced in our laboratory to ensure it precisely meets the customer’s expectations. If we find any deviation, we correct it. This operation does cost something, but when we think long-term, a satisfied customer who consistently purchases, and with whom the supplier relationship turns into a partnership, surely compensates for the extra expense.

Surprises aren’t what we aim to bring into our relationships with our customers. That’s why we do everything to eliminate them and to ensure that manufacturers working with our adhesives can rightly rely on always getting precisely what they want.