At TOPCORE, we’re constantly broadening our product range, exemplified by ZLATOMAZ, ZLATOMAZ, the game-changing shoe glue that’s setting a new standard in the footwear industry. Our latest blog post delves into why ZLATOMAZ is the go-to adhesive for shoe makers seeking perfection in their craft.

Unveiling the Magic of ZLATOMAZ

ZLATOMAZ is not just any shoe glue; it’s a product of extensive research and innovation. Crafted to offer unparalleled strength without the unpleasant odors typical of adhesives, ZLATOMAZ is water-soluble, ensuring durability and ease of use. Its extended open time allows artisans to meticulously work on their shoe designs, turning them into wearable art.

But there’s more. We’re also preparing a powdered solution for ZLATOMAZ. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to mix your own adhesive from the provided powder, tailored precisely to your specific requirements with the perfect assignment from us. The power is in your hands!

Global Reach of ZLATOMAZ: Your Go-To Shoe Glue Available Worldwide

Discover the global accessibility of ZLATOMAZ, the game-changing shoe glue. With free samples available in the Czech Republic and affordable shipping worldwide, ZLATOMAZ combines quality with cost-effectiveness. Experience its uniqueness by requesting a free sample, and stay connected as we launch our new website and online store. Your feedback helps us refine our adhesive for shoemakers, ensuring ZLATOMAZ remains your trusted partner in exceptional footwear crafting.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a part of our journey with ZLATOMAZ – your dependable partner in crafting exceptional footwear.

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